Stainless steel double press pipe joint fitting are meant to prevent against water leakage as a result of insufficient insertion and hence are designed with safety edgy and special o-rings with lumps. Made of stainless steel, a pickled protective film naturally takes shape on the surface to facilitate rapid regeneration upon oxidation-resultant injuries; the pipes and fittings are hence as durable as the building. High-strength and light-weight realizes stainless steel pipes with thickness only one-third that of a galvanized steel pipe. They are lighter and hence easier to carry, which accordingly increases the installation efficiency as well. 

Most stainless steel pipes are used in medical care machines, kitchen equipment and even the food industry where sanitation is emphasized; they help prevent against rusty water, foreign odors, strange smells, and even the concern over environmental hormones. 

Stainless steel, the raw material alone, is easy to regenerate, with a recycling rate of 80% and more and carbon dioxide generated upon production is below one-third that of a galvanized pipe; it is an optimal green building material. 

The double press pipe joint fitting does not require the use of cutting oil, compound oils, and flame arresters for their construction work and even exist repairing piping works, it’s easy and highly safe for the new installed, second phase work.  

45E 45° elbow 90E 90CE 90° elbow S-Coupling
BS sleeve coupling  C-Cap R-reducer
SS faucet coupling  T Tee   ST faucet tee 
AE-M male thread elbow  AS-M male thread coupling  AS-F Female thread coupling
SE(S) faucet elbow (short) SE faucet elbow  AE-F Female thread elbow
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