Safety: The stainless steel pipes are JIS G3448 certified. Certification number: JQTW 11001. 
    Double press pipe joint fittings for the stainless pipe: all are certified to be in complete
    compliance with the JWWA G116 and SAS322 2.0Mpa specification. 

Comfort: The pipeline design and construction are simple. There is no water leakage. The materials
    are light in weight. Minimal materials are used. It is capable of absorbing impact strength
    and is sound-proof; resonance is eliminated to accomplish zero-noise. 

Energy-saving: The foam thermal pipe meets the JIS A9501 requirement of thermal conductivity
    below 0.065W/mK; optimal insulation performance can ensure thermal and energy-saving efficacy. 

Environmental protection: Non-toxic environmentally friendly materials are used for the surface
    layer and the foam insulation layer; they can be recycled and reused. 

Flame resistance: Environmentally friendly low-smoke non-toxic flame retardant may be added to
    the surface layer to accomplish the flame resistance result and meet the standard of UL94-VO, V2. 

Applicability: It is suitable for use in residential buildings, office buildings, villas, dormitories, hotels,
    healthcare facilities, clubs, and factories. 







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