YEKHWA Hardware Company Limited was established in the 1980s. Its professional team does comprehensive integrated planning from dealership and distribution to manufacturing and production, including market survey of consumer demand, research and development, and production and has introduced environmental protection ideas and new technology-based materials to reflect technological advancement. YEKHWA's products have become indispensable in contemporary green buildings. 

Besides its own products, the company has also distributed Japan BENKAN stainless steel products for more than 30 years. Other world-famous brands including PPP, GME, OKM, TECHNOFLFX, and even GRINNELL have contracts with the company as well; all are part of the products that the company distributes. These are international heavy-weight manufacturers of stainless steel-related products known for their optimal quality and complete specifications as well as abundant stocks that help satisfy the diversified needs of piping constructions at any time. They are important piping materials in modern architecture. 

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