Gate valves of the company are manufactured in compliance with the standards of the Japan Valve Manufacturer's Association. Its YH and BNX brand products are for the domestic market while the BK brand products is to be delivered to BENKAN Corporation for the market in Japan. The designs are completely identical and hence parts are interchangeable. The disk design of a gate valve follows the latest standards in Japan. The solid wedge disk is embedded at a 5° bevel to minimize the friction and torque generated while the valve is being turned to open; it also reduces water leakage to accordingly extend the life span of the valve and further bring down user cost. Gate valves are 100% tested after they are manufactured. They can only be shipped when they have completed and been approved through various tests to meet the required standards. All valve parts and components that need to be processed will be rinsed with ultrasound hot water that helps clean post-processing residual oil stain in order to meet the strict requirements set by the company for quality of its products. 

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